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Ranking: TOP 5 Best Shower Gels

One of the most commonly used cosmetic products for body cleansing is shower gel. It has a liquid consistency that turns into active foam under the influence of water. There are cosmetics on the market with different scents and properties, which should be adapted to personal needs. In addition to fulfilling the basic function of body washing, one should pay attention to the presence of nourishing ingredients that will take care of skin and its moisture content. However, too strong shower gels can damage the hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis and cause irritation and dryness.

The best cosmetics should not only help maintain adequate body hygiene but also not irritate sensitive lower skins, which could lead to excessive drying out. Many people who want to start conscious care wonder what shower gel will be best? Although there is no definitive answer to this question, when buying a product, you should mainly consider its composition. It should be free from strongly acting detergents and additionally characterized by gentle nourishing substances such as Aloe or panthenol.

Which is the best shower gel to choose? To help you make this decision, we have compiled a list of five good products available on the market. Below we present you with a ranking of shower gels that distinguish themselves by both good quality and interesting compositions.

How do you choose good shower gels?

5. The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel for Women and Men, 250 ml

The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel is suitable for women and men with a volume capacity of 250 ml. It consists of natural ingredients such as olive oil which provides moisture to your skin making it supple in texture. The shower gel has a pleasant fragrance of fresh olive leaves and gently cleanses the skin without drying it out. It is dermatologically tested and can be used daily.

4. YOPE Natural Shower Gel Rose & Frankincense, 400 ml

YOPE Natural Shower Gel Rose & Frankincense is a high-quality natural cosmetic product made from natural ingredients. It contains a combination of organic rose oil and frankincense extract that gently nourishes and moisturizes your skin. The formula is free from sulfates, parabens, and silicones and has been dermatologically tested. The shower gel has a pleasant scent of rose petals with a light note of frankincense. It forms a delicate foam on your skin that rinses off easily without leaving an uncomfortable sticky feeling behind. With a size of 400 ml, this shower gel provides long-lasting use time. The product is vegan-friendly & delivered in recyclable packaging bottles too!

3. Greendoor Natural Shower Gel with Sea Buckthorn, 500ml

Greendoor Natural Shower Gel with Sea Buckthorn is a 500ml bottle full of natural ingredients. It contains no artificial fragrances or colours and is therefore particularly gentle on sensitive skin. The wonderfully fruity scent of sea buckthorn provides a refreshing shower experience while intensely nourishing the skin at the same time. The gel foams pleasantly, cleanses thoroughly and rinses off easily without leaving any residue. A great choice for those who value natural skincare products!

2. Kräutermax Saltwater Shower Gel, 250 ml

Kräutermax Saltwater Shower Gel, 250 ml, is a refreshing and nourishing body care product containing high-quality sea salt known for its cleansing and revitalizing effects on the skin. The shower gel gently cleanses the skin by removing dirt particles and excess oil in a gentle manner while providing it with moisture and important nutrients to keep it supple.The natural ingredients are particularly well tolerated by the skin and have an enjoyable fragrance making each shower feel like a spa treatment.

1. Bleumarine Bretania Natural Tea Tree Oil Shower Gel, 500 ml

Bleumarine Bretania Natural Tea Tree Oil Shower Gel comes in a 500 ml bottle and is an ideal choice for people looking for skin-friendly and environmentally conscious products. The tea tree oil in this shower gel has many positive properties for the skin, such as antibacterial effects and help with blemishes. It gently and thoroughly cleanses all body areas while leaving a refreshing feeling on the skin. The gel contains only natural ingredients, is biodegradable, free of parabens, sulfates or artificial colours making it safe for both your body as well as mother nature.Due to their ethical stance Bleumarine Bretania also do not test their product on animals something animal lovers will appreciate.