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Ranking: TOP 5 PC Gamepads

Console and PC fans have been debating for years about which gaming platform is better. However, there is one thing that unites all virtual gaming enthusiasts – comfort. While a mouse and keyboard work well for shooters and point-and-click games, professional gamers choose a gamepad for playing FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, UFC, or Street Fighter series. It’s mainly about the comfort and precision that a keyboard alone cannot guarantee. But which PC controller should we choose? It’s better not to settle for just any gadget from the market. It’s worth paying attention to the button layout, analog sticks, as well as ergonomics and connectivity options. Price is also important. However, we understand that most people don’t have the time or desire to search for the right equipment. So, we have decided to make the decision easier with a brief compilation that suggests which PC gamepad will make us feel the best.

5. Gamepad for PC Logitech F310

Here is a wired controller that can attract with its attractive price and interesting shape. Its appearance resembles accessories from older consoles. However, this should not deceive anyone because the device offers a great balance between price and quality. The Logitech F310 gamepad has symmetrically placed analog sticks and 13 function buttons. Its downside is, of course, the wiring, which restricts freedom of movement – although it depends on the player’s preferences. The Logitech controller is among the good PC gamepads, but nothing more. It is definitely worth considering at this price.

4. Trust GXT 545 PC Gamepad

Another computer pad also belongs to a group available at an affordable price range. For a low cost you can get versatile hardware that will work seamlessly with both PCs and PS3 consoles. It supports most modern Windows systems, starting from XP up to Windows 10 versions.. It has a comfortable shape modeled after devices sold by Sony, so we are dealing with symmetrical sticks again here There are 13 function buttons for gamers’ use The device boasts X-input / direct input switches (currently standard) as well as an efficient battery. From this point on we begin presenting wireless PC gamepads This particular model has built-in rechargeable battery which you charge via USB cable

3. Gamepad for PC Microsoft Controller Xbox One S

We couldn’t close the ranking without this PC gamepad. Although it occupies only the third place, it will be the best choice for all gamers who prioritize the perfect balance of price, functionality, and reliability. As the name suggests, this controller was designed for Xbox One consoles but is also perfectly tailored for Windows 10 systems. It can connect to a computer via Bluetooth or wirelessly, and if your device doesn’t have such features, you can simply purchase an adapter. The gamepad has a very long range, so you don’t have to worry too much about distance. It performs excellently in any living room. In case of need, you can connect it to your PC or console using a classic USB or micro USB cable. So, if the batteries suddenly run out, all you need to do is “borrow” the charging cable from your smartphone. Currently, this is the most common technology, slowly being replaced by the USB Type-C standard (like in the Nintendo Switch). The analog stick layout is asynchronous. You can find older versions of the standard Xbox One controller online, but it’s not worth investing in them anymore, at least if you’re thinking of connecting them to a computer. This model lacks Bluetooth technology and does not have a mini jack input for connecting headphones. It is one of the best PC gamepads, surpassed only by models from a significantly higher price range.

2. Gamepad for PC Razer Raiju Ultimate

If you want to feel like professional gamers, you can’t skimp on this one. The proposal from Razer may scare off some players with its price, but it translates into quality. It is a modular controller with immense customization possibilities. You can easily replace its individual components to perfectly fit your preferences. You can customize the analog sticks and D-pad, as well as adjust the vibration sensitivity and triggers. The overall design closely resembles the PS4 controller, with its appearance, symmetrical analog sticks, and the same layout and button markings. It is an excellent PC gamepad that offers both wired connectivity (the cable is approximately 3 meters long) and wireless connectivity (the battery lasts for up to 11 hours). It’s just right for professionals.

1. Gamepad for PC Microsoft Xbox One Controller Elite

At the end of the ranking, we return to Microsoft. True to its name, we move on to elite hardware in terms of craftsmanship, features, and price. This version offers everything that the Xbox One S console gamepad has and much more. It comes with interchangeable components. We can adjust the length of the analog sticks, swap the D-pad for a directional pad, add convenient paddles, and reprogram the function buttons. Similar to the Razer model, we can also fine-tune the vibration levels. The controller also boasts a truly appealing design that does not compromise its durability. There’s no need to worry that a fall to the ground will cause it to break into pieces. It is solidly constructed and will undoubtedly serve for years to come. This gamepad is currently available in two versions, and due to a range of improvements, it is better to invest in the newer edition.