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5 Best Olive Oils

Olive oil is one of the most popular oils in the world. It is also one of the healthiest on the market. You can find an olive-oil section at every grocery store. Because of the rapid growth of this industry, there are so many different olive oils that it seems to be quite problematic to buy the best one. But what does “the best” actually mean? Good quality olive oil has low acidity and high rating of organoleptic qualities (it applies to qualities like smell, taste and look). Also, another important factor is the region that your chosen bottle of olive oil comes from. The most popular regions in the world are Italy, France, Greece, Spain and California. A warm climate is perfect for growing olive trees. You should always read that information on the label and check if there is any information about the certifications from either NAOOA (North American Olive Oil Association) or IOC (International Olive Council). You are probably wondering what the difference between all the types of olive oils is. On the grocery store shelves you can find refined, virgin and extra virgin oil. Refined olive oil includes both – cold-pressed and processed oils and is better for cooking, whereas extra virgin olive oil is made of cold-pressed olives, from pure pulp. Modern techniques of making olive oil are slightly different than the original ones. Nowadays the process looks like this: first, all olives are crushed, then they are mixed together to become one pulp and in the end the oil is separated from the pulp in a centrifuge. Not many people know that olive oil doesn’t like light. That’s why it is always (or almost always) stored in dark glass bottles or cans. If your favorite olive oil is in a clear bottle, you should store it in the cupboard. Another fact is that olive oil lasts only for about 18 months. If you are not sure, if your olive oil is still edible, you can smell it – if it smells like “Play-Doh”, you should get rid of it. There are many types of olive oil, for example for cooking or dipping. In general olive oil has a low smoking point (about 375 to 470 degrees Fahrenheit), so it is important to read all the information on the label before your purchase. Are you looking for a nice and high quality olive oil? We encourage you to read our ranking with the 5 best extra virgin olive oils. 

5. ZOE Extra Virgin Olive Oi

ZOE EVOO is cold-pressed from Spanish Cornicabra olives, but it also includes other varieties of Spanish olives in order to create a delicate, fruity and luscious butter flavor. It is finished with aromas of pepper, fresh basil, almond and artichoke heart. This is a perfect blend for dipping sauces or to drizzle over your favorite veggies. It isn’t the best type for frying or cooking in high temperatures, so please consider this information before you order a can of this product. You can prepare other delicious dishes though – this is a perfect blend for hummus lovers! It also tastes good with a slice of fresh, aromatic bread or baguette. Simple solutions are sometimes the best. This olive oil is stored in a metal can, so you can keep it on the countertop.

4. Gaea Fresh Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Unlike other popular extra virgin olive oils, this one is kind of unique. Greek olive oils are not as common as Italian or Californian ones, but they deserve attention. First of all – they go fantastic with salads and vegetables. You can drizzle them over your dish as a finish. But they are also good to cook your food with. The olives were pressed within three hours after harvest which makes the oil fresh. Rich flavors of greens, almond, apple, artichoke and other fruits create an unusual blend. The Greek cuisine is based on natural olives and olive oil, so you can be sure of the best quality in this product.

3. California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Here is one of the most popular olive oil manufacturers in the United States. Californian olive oil has floral, buttery and fruity aromas with hints of green apple. The perfect combination for everyday cooking. California Olive Ranch offers great quality and keeps the price low and affordable for everyone. Olive oil is now a common product that everyone can have, but not every olive oil is the same. Perfect for finishing and good for cooking on low and medium heat. The flavor of this olive oil enriches the taste of your favorite sauces and dishes. The best thing about this Californian extra virgin olive oil is that is can be used basically with everything.

2. La Tourangelle Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Do you enjoy a bright and peppery finish? You should satisfy your taste buds with La Tourangalle Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As always, when in comes to cold-pressed olive oils, the cooking heat should be kept to a maximum of medium-high. That means that you shouldn’t use it for frying, but you can surely use is to enhance, drizzle and finish your favorite meals. The olives come from Andalusia in Spain and were originally harvested in a single family-owned estate. The main features here are a low acidity, excellent balance and quality, fruity aromas with hints of almond, olive leaves, pepper and freshly cut grass. This one-of-its-kind oil has natural antioxidants, vitamin E and K and beneficial fatty acids. The picual olives, which were used for this particular olive oil, are rich in polyphenols, which not only reduce blood sugar levels and heart disease risk, but also prevent blood clots. Olive oil is also known for improving digestion and promoting brain functions.

1. Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The number one on this list is a cold pressed olive oil, which guarantees the best quality and the richest flavors. Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for daily cooking – you can add it to marinades, sauces, vinegrettes, salads, pizzas, pastas and more. However, the smoking point is about 380-410 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is not the best solution for deep frying. The company takes part in a Non-GMO Project and is certified by NAOOA which confirms the highest quality of the product. Olive oil is a brain boosting superfood. It also takes care of your gut health and contains a lot of antioxidants and other valuable substances. If you’re looking for an olive oil that not only promotes your good health, but also provides otherworldly taste-experiences – try the Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and be ready to be blown away!