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Ranking of the best Nintendo consoles - TOP 5

Nintendo consoles have never been a major competitor to PlayStation and Xbox, but they have filled a certain niche for years, finding legions of fans in the process. The Wii and Wii U platforms developed the idea of motion games excellently, while the 3DS and 2DS reigned supreme in the mobile hardware market, outpacing Sony’s poorly received PS Vita.

5. Nintendo Game & Watch Console: Super Mario Bros

Starting off our ranking is a handy device that serves more as an enjoyable gadget than an actual console. Nevertheless, it should interest retro game enthusiasts. Game & Watch resembles the iconic Famicom controller in appearance. Its similarities don’t end there; this inconspicuous device allows you to try games such as Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, and Ball (also available with Mario). If seeing pixelated plumber makes you smile broadly, then this is just the gadget for you. The console also has collector’s value since it was released on Super Mario Bros’ 35th anniversary.

4. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con v2

The flagship Nintendo product that brought them back to prominence is often called a hybrid console because it can function both as portable and stationary equipment simultaneously. It has an incredibly modular design which offers impressive versatility. The screen resembles those used in most tablets with Joy-Cons acting as controllers mounted on rails at each side of it—players can use them attached or detached together by using their wireless functionality within an included frame holder addition option caters needs two users who hold one each hand during gameplay.
To charge Switch, insert its dock which connects monitors laptops through HDMI cable users continue playing big screens thus becoming universal always keep themselves entertained wherever they go!

3. Nintendo Switch Lite console

This stripped-down variant designed specifically individuals focused solely enjoys less adaptability due entirety fixed construct perfect option someone constantly moving Lite edition great companion camping trips hikes extended stays buses trains undeniable advantage lower price nearly half primary version cost.

2. Nintendo Switch Console Monster Hunter Rise Edition

Our second place spot another Switch model far removed from classic offering since launch console took various shapes forms visually referencing beloved franchises such Legend of Zelda Pokemon Animal Crossing even Diablo III while functionally identical original main selling point unique limited themed editions latest high-end product Monster Hunter Rise Edition eye-catching gold black decorations controllers gray rear side unit treat fans series those who want stand out own increasingly valuable collectors piece its scarcity future may drive worth considerably.

1. Nintendo Switch console + Joy-Con blue and red + Ring Fit Adventure

We decided first place should belong not only sensible but also cost-effective bundle which pairs exercise tool large hoop stretch fold assigned workout tasks once again Joy-Cons play critical role interpreting our movements one placed within Ring Fit other attached doing squats or lunges ring works conjunction game Adventure RPG focusing character development boss elimination correct execution various moves interesting motivation exercise approach depends personal commitment form.