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The 5 best survival knives

A high-quality survival knife is a multipurpose tool that can be used in many different situations. You can use in not only in crisis situations, but also on a daily basis. Having a tactical knife can save you, when you forgot your can opener, a hammer or a pair of scissors to cut a bandage. You can spare some place in your backpack, you can take it with you anywhere because it is small enough to put it into your pocket. Choosing the right knife is essential, if you want to use it for many years. There are several features that you should pay attention to. First thing you should do is to check the size of the knife. The blade shouldn’t be too big because you will not be able to use if effectively. Another thing, which is important for a tactical knife, is that the blade should be fixed. A fixed blade knife is reliable and robust, so you can use it even on hard materials such as wood. The best survival knives are made of one piece of metal, which means that both the handle and the blade share the same piece of metal. It makes the knife even more robust and durable, and it is difficult to destroy. Full tang knives are, in general, better than half-tang blades. What’s also important is a sharp, precise and pointed tip. It would be really disappointing, if you couldn’t open a can or cut ingredients for a stew because of a blunt blade. Always look for trustworthy products, which guarantee that you will cut exactly what you need. A survival knife can be used as a first aid-tool, a fire maker, a screwdriver, and many other handy tools. You can easily access hard to get areas. Some survival knives have a built-in fire steel, which is usually placed on the case or on the grip. If you want to buy a reliable and robust product, you can read our ranking with the best survival knives.

5. Survival knife - SOG Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath

This is a trustworthy and robust survival knife from SOG. Because of the full-tang construction, the blade and the grip are combined into one piece of metal. The compact design allows you to use it on a daily basis, but also during extreme survival camps. The handle is really comfortable because the material is non-slip. This is a great grip, if you use the knife nearby water or even underwater. The blade has a sharp, pointy tip, which can be used as a screwdriver. The blade is not straight because it has a jagged part at the bottom and smooth part on the top. You can store the knife in a nylon sheath, which will protect you from unwanted scars or other injuries. Always store your knife in the case because you can hurt yourself or others.

4. Survival knife - Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel

If you are looking for a simple, yet handy and useful knife, this is a good offer for you. The Morakniv survival knife was made for everyone who is looking for an adventure. The Swedish company created this knife to overcome all the obstacles. The thick but reliable blade with a black coat is resistant to corrosion, so even if the blade had contact with water it won’t rust. The knife won’t slip off easily – thanks to the non-slip surface on the handle. The blade also stays sharp for a long time. The knife itself is not too big, so you can use it even in tight spaces. What’s really interesting about this product is the sheaf. It was designed for multipurpose use, that’s why you can find a diamond sharpener and integrated fire starter.

3. Survival knife - Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B

Smith & Wesson is a popular brand which produces solid and tactical equipment. The knife from this brand has a stable rubber wrapped handle. It gives you a warranty that it won’t fall on the ground or on your feet. The blade is quite simple, it isn’t jagged, but it is still made to use in extreme conditions. The general length is perfect for most of the activities you do, as long as the task is not too extreme. If you enjoy taking part in survival situations, you will surely find it useful and comfortable to use. You should store the knife in the dedicated leather sheathe, which you can wear on your belt.

2. Survival knife - Grand Way Spring Assisted

This is an interesting option for those who love practical solutions. You can use the knife and then fold it to hide the blade. You don’t need a separate leather sheathe to keep the product closed. You can use it as a pocket knife, which increases its functionality. However, you should open it carefully because of the spring assisted opening. The blade was made of black oxide and the handle of aluminum, which makes the knife light. This is a great tool for campers, hunters, hikers, fishermen, or even tourists. If you enjoy walking in the woods, in the mountains, it is necessary equipment, which can even save your life. Don’t worry about the quality – the blade is like a razor, always sharp.

1. Survival knife - Smith & Wesson SWA24S

The best and the most practical survival knife is the Smith & Wesson SWA24S knife. First of all – it is a small knife with a partially jagged blade. You can open it quickly and without any problems thanks to the thumbstuds. Store it in your pocket safely – it won’t open by itself. The comfortable grip protects your hand from slipping off. When you use your knife, it is important to do it carefully and stable. The sharp razor won’t stick on a hard surface, so you won’t hurt yourself by accident. This is a travel-friendly tool, which you can take anywhere with you. The compact size and reliability are the most important features, which many clients point out. Trust Smith & Wesson and buy the best tactical knife.