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The 5 best Durex condoms

For many, using condoms is a sad necessity. If you also think that condoms are a typical mood killer, you might be surprised by the great variety of condoms. There is one brand that is popular all over the world. This brand is of course Durex. Durex produces many types of condoms for different purposes and out of different materials. Even though latex condoms are the most popular, there are people who are allergic to latex. Durex has thought about this and there are also non-latex condoms which are perfect for sensitive skin. Condoms are not boring anymore. You can find textured and flavored variants that give you more pleasure. Textured condoms are usually ribbed, but you can find more options. Flavored condoms are mostly used in oral sex to make it more interesting and fun. There are dozens of flavors that are available on the market, including those more tropical and more unusual as chocolate. Besides flavored condoms, there are special lines that are extremely thin for those who are looking for a more real experience. Thin condoms are beneficial for both partners because the feeling is realistic, and you can climax faster. There are also condoms with special lubes inside that can delay orgasm to perform longer and more intense. Modern condoms also have a thin layer of lube outside to prevent skin irritation and tearing during the penetration. It also gives more pleasure. Durex has plenty of condom variants, so everyone can find something interesting. If you are worried about the right size of condoms, you can first measure your penis at home and then buy the right condoms. Durex has made various condoms in many sizes, which is important not only for safety reasons, but also for your comfort during sex. The most important role of condoms is of course safety and pregnancy prevention, but right now condoms can give you an even more interesting sex experience and pleasure. If you want to know, which Durex condoms are the best, read our ranking below and choose the best type for you and your partner.

5. Durex Invisible Ultra Thin Condoms

If you are looking forward to the most realistic feeling during sex with your partner, Durex Invisible is the best choice. These condoms are ultra-thin, so you can enjoy pure sensitivity. Despite the thickness, these condoms are also safe. A high level of protection should always be important to avoid sexually transmissible diseases and unwanted pregnancy. One pack of Durex Invisible contains 16 condoms made of natural rubber latex. Even though these are usual latex condoms, you won’t feel that unpleasant scent of rubber. You can use extra lubrication on these condoms, but it isn’t necessary due to a thin layer of lube on the condoms. If the natural feel is important to you, this is the best choice you can make (and it is worth the money!).

4. Durex Pleasure Pack

Here is something for everyone who is looking for a surprise and extra excitement – Durex Pleasure Pack. This is a pack of 24 popular kinds of Durex condoms. This is a great way to try something new. You can also use them on your favorite sex toys. They can increase your personal experience and pleasure. Durex’s condoms are lubricated, which is a good thing because it prevents skin irritation and painful tearing. Depending on the condom you draw by lots, you can experience completely different feelings. Each type of condom in this pack was tested, and they are safe for you and your partner.

3. Durex Extra Sensitive Thin Condoms

If your skin is very sensitive and delicate, you should try Durex Extra Sensitive condoms. These condoms were made of natural rubber latex, which is great for sensitive skins and for more realistic sexual experiences. Besides that, there is an extra layer of lube that helps with gentle penetration that won’t leave rashes, tears, and other painful feelings. These condoms are ultra-thin, which guarantees skin-to-skin feeling. Both partners will experience more thanks to the thickness and the extra lubrication. It is always worth to try something new.

2. Durex Tropical Condoms

This is an unusual and definitely interesting option for those who don’t have sensitive skin. The Durex Tropical line was made mostly for safe sex, especially for oral sex. These condoms have multiple flavors such as orange, apple, strawberry and banana. These condoms were made not only for safety, but also for more fun. Tropical flavors can surely enrich your oral sex. The condoms are lubricated, but the layer is thin. The smell is also nice – you won’t feel the typical latex scent, which is present in other classic latex condoms. If you are sensitive to smells, you can use it not only for oral, but also for vaginal and anal sex.

1. Durex Performax

Do you want to try textured and thin condoms, which can also extend the time of your sexual coitus? Durex Performax Intense is a series for those who want to enjoy sex longer and more intense. The dotted and rubbed texture of each condom feels really good for her, meanwhile the lube inside the condom delays his orgasm. This is a win-win situation because both partners can feel more intense pleasure, and they can do it longer than usual. All of the condoms are lubricated and ultra-thin, so you and your partner won’t feel the barrier in shape of a latex condom. The lube inside has an extra ingredient (Benzocaine), which delays his orgasm, but the lube outside doesn’t contain this substance. Make sure that you are not allergic to Benzocaine or latex before you use the condom.