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Top 5 geisha balls

The times of the Middle Ages, when a lady was supposed to serve a man with her body and soul, and male pleasure was the highest priority, are long gone. Nowadays, every sensible and self-care-oriented woman knows that sexual pleasure is not associated with sin and burning at the stake, but with self-awareness, acceptance of her own body, and above all, better health! Lately, there has been an incredible boom in the market of erotic gadgets. Stores are competing with each other in offering newer and more human-friendly solutions, providing a wide range of products aimed at enriching or even revitalizing erotic life in the bedroom and sometimes beyond. Today, the spotlight will shine on widely known yet somewhat underestimated geisha balls. They may be small and unassuming gadgets, but they have a lot to offer. Vaginal balls are designed for women to exercise their pelvic floor muscles and increase the sensitivity of the Kegel muscles, which affects both health and sexual fitness. Where can you buy geisha balls at an attractive price? Which model should you choose for yourself? Here is a ranking of the top 5 geisha balls for women that will answer your burning questions and dispel any doubts!


Ranking top 5 geisha balls opens with RIANNE S PUSSY PLAYBALLS, securing a respectable fifth place. This is an excellent training set for every woman, consisting of four geisha balls with diverse weights and colors, a silicone casing, and a beautiful discreet case that encourages taking the gadget even on distant journeys. RIANNE S PUSSY PLAYBALLS are wonderful balls that allow women to increase control over their bodies. With daily use, shortly after starting the exercises, they significantly improve the performance of the Kegel muscles and enhance the sexual experiences of both women and their partners. These small yet powerful balls are made of safe silicone, offering a combination of pleasure and utility. The RIANNE S PUSSY PLAYBALLS geisha ball set combines elegance, aesthetics, and practicality. The price seems to be proportional to the quality of the product, and after several uses, you might even consider it a worthwhile investment in your life.

4. LELO geisha balls - LUNA NOIR

Although not in the top three, the well-deserved fourth place goes to LELO – LUNAR NOIR geisha balls, which will enhance not only women’s but also their partners’ sexual lives. Waterproof and made of high-quality materials, these balls are said to work wonders. This model consists of two connected balls and a discreet string that allows for easier application. LELO – LUNAR NOIR vaginal balls are highly durable and completely safe for health. The manufacturer guarantees that the effects of the exercises can be noticed after just a few uses, including increased sensitivity and a noticeably tighter vagina—only a fraction of the benefits derived from the beneficial effects of these balls. While LELO – LUNAR NOIR may not be the cheapest option, it is said that those who invest in them once will not want to part with them!


The prestigious third place in the ranking goes to NAOMI TANG INTIMATE vaginal balls. Made of high-quality silicone, they are perfectly safe and enhance Kegel muscle exercises. The undeniable advantages of these balls are their ease of cleanliness and remarkable functionality. NAOMI TANG INTIMATE is an excellent product, especially designed for beginner women who want to increase their body awareness, take care of their intimate health, and experience considerable pleasure in the process. NAOMI TANG INTIMATE geisha balls are easy to use and highly portable erotic gadgets that will enhance and support Kegel muscle exercises. They offer good quality at a truly attractive price, what more could you ask for?

2. Geisha balls OVO L1 LOVE BALLS

The second place, just one step away from victory, in the geisha balls ranking belongs to OVO L1 LOVE BALLS PURPLE, a double delight that sparks the imagination at first glance. It must be admitted that its shape definitely promises heightened sensations! This silicone, completely waterproof gadget provides an unforgettable workout for the pelvic floor muscles while delivering a touch of pleasure. The secret of OVO L1 LOVE BALLS PURPLE lies in their clever design. These balls, during movements, attempt to escape, prompting the wearer to tighten and thus train their Kegel muscles. Isn’t it an ideal solution? OVO L1 LOVE BALLS PURPLE geisha balls offer convenience, discretion, and pure enjoyment in use, all at a favorable price. It would be a sin not to indulge!

1. Geisha balls JE JOUE AMI FUCHSIA

Finally, in the first place in the geisha balls ranking, we have the incredibly enticing fuchsia trio JE JOUE AMI FUKSJA. This set consists of three balls of different sizes and weights. They are perfect for women who regularly practice Kegel exercises and those who are just starting their journey with geisha balls. With easy application and perfectly contoured shape, the exercises will become a true pleasure rather than a chore. JE JOUE AMI FUKSJA balls conceal a small, unassuming weight that stimulates the Kegel muscles as the woman moves, turning a simple walk into an effective and painless workout. The JE JOUE AMI FUKSJA set offers three dimensions of pleasure and, at the same time, a triple dose of motivation for Kegel exercises. You can start with the smallest size and gradually increase the size, thus enhancing the training effects. The price of JE JOUE AMI FUKSJA geisha balls may not be the lowest, but it’s important to consider that you’re paying for three dimensionally diverse gadgets, not just one, which translates into a true opportunity in life! The first-place winner is also available in other colors.