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5 best bikes for women

If you are shopping for a bike which gives you freedom, a good amount of daily activity, but also a comfortable way to get to work or to go shopping, you are in the right place. A good and compact bike is a great idea for both – off-road and city rides. A bicycle basket is an useful thing, because you can take the most important things on a bike trip with you, like a bottle of water, your smartphone with GPS, or sunglasses. You can also use this basket to store your shopping bags with all of the products you have just bought. Nowadays our planet fights against air pollution, so riding a bike is a perfect solution. It’s not only ecological, but also healthy. You can take care of the planet and your body. A daily dose of sport can be included in riding a bike. You can ride to school, your work or to the university. Another advantage of a city bike is the place that you can spare by not parking a car, and besides that you can avoid the horrible traffic which is present in any big city. Sometimes it is much quicker to go somewhere by foot or by riding a bike, instead of using motorcycle or a car, because of the time you can earn by avoiding traffic and not having to look for a parking spot. If you have a special bike lock, you can leave your vehicle almost anywhere your want. Modern cities or even towns have built many bicycle roads, which enable fluent moving on the street, without any dangers. On the market there are many beautiful, high quality and feminine bikes, that will serve you for many years. The main difference between a man’s and a woman’s bike is the frame. The frame in this case is lower, so it is more comfortable for women. Another difference is the steering wheel. The handlebar grips are higher than the main point of the steering wheel and the saddle is wider in order to be as comfortable as possible. The multifunctionality of such a bike is its great advantage. Anyone can start riding a bike, because it’s easy and it doesn’t require a lot of money to buy. If you are interested in a high quality bike for women, you can check out the ranking below, with 5 lovely bikes to choose from. 

5. Sixthreezero Around The Block - Bike for Women

This is a classic around the block bike for women – perfect for a ride in the park or to the shop. The installation process doesn’t take a long time and it is easy to assemble. Beautiful, yet classy colors and the retro design make this product trendy. The wide saddle was made of foamy cushion, which absorbs bumps and vibrations. Even though there is no bicycle basket, there is enough place to hang it by yourself. The size of the wheels is rather traditional, which is 26 Inches. The aluminum frame makes the bike really light. This is a single-speed bike, which is ideal for flat terrain.

4. Hiland 700C Hybrid - Bike for Women

This bike suits women really well because of its 20 inches wheels. Hiland cooperates with Shimano, which is a Japanese firm that produces bicycle parts. This bike has a 7-speed TY21 Shimano drivetrain and Revoshift twist shifters which help you to get over any terrain changes and inclines. Thanks to the ergonomic seat and grips you can make sure that your riding position is correct, which makes the whole ride really comfortable. The 20 inch steel frame provides perfect rides over any urban terrain. The classic grey color is always popular, so you don’t need to re-paint it every single year.

3. Hiland Cruiser - Bike for Women

A lovely white and light blue bike which suits every woman that wants to go for a ride. 26 inch wheels are a standard size, so there shouldn’t be any problem to ride this bike. A spring-loaded saddle deals with bumps on uneven ground, so you can feel comfortable all the time. There is a useful rear rack for your bag, but there is also enough space to install a bike basket on the steering wheel. The fenders will protect you from puddles during a rainy day. Shimano INTER-3 is a three speed rear hub with an easy to use Nexus shifter. The frame was made of aluminum alloy, and its curves help you to get on the bike. There is also another color-variant in pink, which has black features.

2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid - Bike for Women

The Discover series has many fans because of the comfort it offers. One thing, which makes this model really special, is the number of speeds. In this case there are 21 speeds, which enable adjusting the setting to the current terrain. The durable steel frame is covered in white paint with grey elements. Another advantage of this bike is the rear carrying rack which is highly practical when you want to go shopping or you are riding to school. The adjustable wide saddle is comfortable, so you can go for a ride around the neighborhood or into the woods. If you are interested in a high quality bike which will give you a lot of fun, Schwinn Discover might be for you.

1. Sixthreezero Cruiser - Bike for Women

Last but not least – sixthreezero cruiser bike. Wonderful light purple color covers the 17 inch durable steel frame. The delicate color gives a nice touch to the whole design. The 26 inch wheels are an universal size, so it should suit anyone. What’s really useful and thoughtful, is the number of speeds. There are 7 Shimano speeds which allow to go for a longer and more enjoyable ride. The classic and curvy shape of the frame and handlebars allows you to make sure that your riding position is correct and your knees are at the right angle. There is also a hand brake, which is easy to use. The brown, wide saddle can be adjusted to your height, and was made of fluffy foam. There is free space in front of the bike to attach a basket. Classic fenders protect your clothes from puddles during a rainy day. If you are looking for a comfortable, yet trendy bike, sixthreezero has the4 perfect option for you.