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5 Best rollerblades for women

The inline skates’ fame is still growing, as it was in the colorful 90’, when a lot of young people enjoyed roller-skating. Some people have started to re-discover rollerblades because nowadays the design and ergonomics of the rollerblades are completely different. There are plenty of modern, professional and comfortable inline skates on the market, especially on the Internet. If you are a beginner, there is no need to buy the most expensive pair of rollerblades, but it is important to invest in good ones. The best way to start learning to skate is to find a plain sidewalk or (if you have such an opportunity) a road, where you can safely try your first slides. Bumps and uneven surfaces may be dangerous, so it is recommended to wear a helmet and additionally knee and elbow pads, on top of wrist guards. Comfortable and stable boots are the base when it comes to roller-skating. You also need fine, big wheels and a brake for your safety. Usually there are models with four wheels, but you can also find those with three wheels. The wheels on a three-wheel model are slightly bigger than on the variants with four wheels, but it depends on you, what kind of inline skates you want to buy. Breathable material plays a significant role during the summer, when the weather is hot. Rollerblading has a lot of positive effects. First of all – it has an influence on your health. You can easily lose your weight, because your whole body takes part in roller-skating and you can also build nice leg muscles. If you are an intermediate skater or a pro, you can even use rollerblades instead of your bike to go to work or anywhere else. But it is also good to use inline skates for entertainment in your free time. Remember that different use of roller-skates requires different type of wheels, boots etc. You should invest in more an expensive and tougher pair of rollerblades if you like an aggressive skating style. Those who are looking for something for a daily dose of sport should pay attention to the wheel type. An average skater doesn’t have to spend a lot on a decent and comfortable pair of inline skates in order to have fun. To make your decision easier, we decided to create a ranking with the best rollerblades for women who are looking for a good quality and proven products. 

5. Zetrablade Elite - Rollerblade for Women

The first proposition in our ranking list is from a well-known brand – Rollerblade. Their product has four 80 mm blades that are perfect for different surfaces. If you are a beginner, you can easily skate on pavements or bicycle paths, but if you are an intermediate skater, you can always use those for more uneven places, like hills, because of the high quality brake system. The breathable material helps a lot on sunny and warm days, but its structure is soft and comfortable for your feet and ankles. The lower frame guarantees stability which answer for avoiding accidents. The lacing system and closing system is a secure solution – your ankles are safe in the boots and you can enjoy skating.

4. Impala Roller-skates - Rollerblade for Women

This particular pair of inline skates is unique. You may wonder why. Impala’s rollerblades are 100% vegan. It is difficult to find vegan shoes, and it is even more challenging to find a pair of vegan roller-skates. Besides that, they look super cute. There are several available color options: mint/pink flower, white-mint, pastel purple, pink, yellow and blue, white-yellow-pink and classic white with mint details. The retro style has a huge comeback now, so why not try to combine its design with practical features? This is a four-wheel-option, so the size of each wheel is smaller, but because of the bigger amount of wheels, it’s also a very stable and secure product. The popular lace and closing systems work really well when it comes to your feet stabilization. Optional heel brakes are a great solution for beginners due to security reasons.

3. Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT - Rollerblade for Women

This is a great choice not only for advanced skaters, but also for beginners. 80 mm wheels with ABEC 7 bearings accelerate the speed, but reduce the effort. The supportive frame increases your security, so you avoid twisting your ankle. The well-known closing system with buckles works really good and takes care of your safety while rollerblading. Classic black with colorful details looks amazing – such a design is always trendy! You can enjoy your skates in your daily dose of sport wherever you go.

2. PAPAISON Adjustable Inline Skates - Rollerblade for Women

This is a great pair of inline skates for those, who like colorful lights. PAPAISON takes care of design – that is why they put four illuminated wheels in their product. Besides, there are many color options like red or purple. Batteries are not required, and the wheels are water resistant. When the wheels are rolling, the lights are activated. You can adjust the size of the boot to your actual shoe-size, so you can easily avoid disappointments and returns. ABEC 7 bearings support the wheels and guarantee a smooth and quiet ride. Those roller-skates are perfect for city rides on pavements or in beautiful parks. There is one brake on the right blade which keeps you safe wherever you go.

1. K2 Skate Trio for Women - Rollerblade for Women

Last but not least – the K2 Skates Trio for women. K2 is a well-known brand in the roller-skates’ world. This particular model has three 100 mm wheels to support your stability, comfort and smooth rides. You can avoid a lot of unwanted accidents because of the stable boot frames. The comfortable fit pads don’t put strain on your ankles and a strong EPS liner reduces the force of impact on uneven surfaces. This is the best option if you are looking for skates that you can use for many years. There is a brake on one of the boots, so you can easily stop when it is needed. Those wheels are perfect not only for pavements, but also hills and bumps. They make up for the smoothest rides and absorb any impact. You will be surely satisfied with the K2 Trio if you start to skate, but if you’re an intermediate or advanced skater – you can even practice new tricks and jumps with this product!