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5 best phones under 200$

It is almost impossible to live without a phone. Everyone needs a device to communicate with others, organize their tasks, search for news or just relax. Flagship smartphones are so expensive that not everyone can afford those terribly high prices. Sometimes it doesn’t even pay off to buy a more expensive phone because most available functions are the same. We usually pay more for a higher quality camera or more RAM, but such options are mostly individual – everybody has different needs. If you are looking for a phone under 200 bucks which completely satisfies your personal expectations, here are a few things that you should probably know. The first thing is of course the RAM – it would be the best to have a minimum of 3 or 4 GBs of RAM.  The more the better, but let’s be honest – to have a better and quicker phone, you need to spend more money. Another thing is the memory storage capacity. Usually you can find models with 32 or 64 GBs which is enough to store a lot of pictures, files or apps. The operating system is key – newer systems like Android 9, 10 or 11 are the most common nowadays. Cheaper phones often have Android 9 or 10 because Android 11 is available only in the newest smartphones. A budgetary phone doesn’t mean a low quality though. Brands like Samsung, LG or OnePlus make good-quality products which triumph every year. There is no need to buy the most expensive smartphone to be really satisfied and happy. A standard camera is much better than it used to be for example 10-15 years ago, when the quality of pictures was rather low and sometimes you could barely see what exactly was on the picture or film. Right now even cheaper devices can show off and sometimes surprise with a decent quality of every photo. You can also find many interesting modes or filters that make every pic nicer and more interesting. We made a ranking with the 5 best phones under 200 dollars that you can easily find on the internet. Remember that this list is subjective and you should always think about your individual needs.

5. LG G7 ThinkQ Phone

Number five in this ranking is LG G7 ThinkQ. An economic price is a valuable factor in this case. Besides that you can find 64 GB of memory storage (which can be extended) and 4 GB of RAM here, which is a good score, especially for a phone which isn’t the newest. When it comes to the operating system, this model offers Android 8 (Oreo). This is a good phone if you don’t use your smartphone all the time because the battery capacity is 3000 mAh. That means that you should rather always keep a charger nearby. There are two available colors: platinum gray and raspberry rose. You can order both of them online.

4. Moto G7 Plus 2019 Phone

This is a great phone for several reasons. First of all – quick charging technology. 27W TurboPower gives 12 hours of extra battery life in only 15 minutes. Another thing is the really good camera. You will definitely see that the quality of your pictures is clear, the edges are sharp and the colors are rich. 16 MP captures good shots in different situations both outside and inside. If you enjoy watching videos, here is a good information for you. The Moto G7 is equipped with Dolby Audio tuned stereo speakers. That means that you can not only watch films and listen to music, but you can also talk to anyone and you will always understand what the other person is saying (as long as they speak clearly). Bright and sharp colors and a fast processor allow you to use your phone for many hours.

3. Samsung Galaxy A20 Phone

The Samsung Galaxy A 20 got a 6,4” Super AMOLED screen which produces deep colors. Main camera has 13 MP mixed with additional 8 MP and the selfie camera offers 8 MP. You can take a decent photo, capture natural colors in many weather conditions. 4000 mAh and 15 W quick charging allow you to use the phone for many hours. New smartphones use USB C-Type and this is exactly the type that Galaxy A20 has. You get Android 9, but there is an option to upgrade the operating system to Android 10 or 11. This is a valuable information for those who don’t like to buy a new phone too often.

2. Samsung Galaxy A12 Phone

In comparison with the previous device, this one has bigger battery life – 5000mAh and 15W fast-charging is enough to be able to use the phone all day long. The Galaxy 12 model offers 32 GB of memory storage and Android 10. Four back cameras give you an opportunity of taking good and sharp pictures – thanks to the 16 MP main camera. The design is rather classic, but its sleek and functional form makes an impression, causing it to look more expensive than its actual price. Besides that, this smartphone lays comfortable in the hand. Nice speakers and the HD Voice option will make every conversations more pleasant. Audio Jack 3,5 mm is perfect for standard headphones and earphones. This is a great option for everyone who wants to have a good quality, non-expensive smartphone.

1. OnePlus Nord N100 Phone

In this price category it seems that OnePlus Nord N100 deserves special appreciation. There are many useful features that make this smartphone better than the previous ones. The first thing that is much better is the memory storage capacity. 64 GB allow you to keep your favorite movies, pictures and other files without any worries. In addition to the 64 GB of memory, you also get 4 GB of RAM. Due to its release date, you get Android 10 as the operating system. The screen is slightly bigger than for example in the Samsung Galaxy A20. The OnePlus Nord N100 has a 6,52” display. It isn’t uncomfortable or problematic in holding the device though. Another thing that makes OnePlus better than its competitors is the 18W fast-charging and 5000 W battery – it means that your phone will be ready to go in a shorter amount of time than an average smartphone. The good-quality camera and clear screen captures all the important details. To sum up – OnePlus Nord N100 is a very good smartphone in a very reasonable price. Are you looking for a decent phone which won’t disappoint you after a few months? Try the OnePlus and enjoy all the options which are available in this model!