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The 5 best steam cleaners

Steam cleaners are great devices that help us with keeping our homes clean and safe. Steam kills bacteria that occur on many different surfaces, especially in the bathroom. The environment in wet rooms is perfect for fungus and bacteria to grow. Steam cleaners can also make your gray grout white again. You don’t need strong chemicals to clean this area. You can also use it on your couch, car seats, mattresses, doors and many more surfaces. Everything depends on which type of steam cleaner you have. Right now, you can find steam mop cleaners with a detachable handheld unit, which allows you to clean smaller places. You can also find those small hand steam cleaners with plenty of attachments for different purposes. If you want to both clean and sanitize all the floors and do the same with other surfaces, you should invest in steam mop cleaner. If you want to use a steam cleaner from time to time, it is better to buy a small device. What features should a reliable steam cleaner have? If you have never used a steam cleaner before, you should pay attention to the tank capacity. It should be quite big, if you want to avoid refilling the tank every couple of minutes. Canister steam cleaners have usually big tanks (even 48 oz). Another quite important thing is the time needed to heat up a full tank of water. The bigger the tank capacity is, the longer you have to wait until it’s fully heated up. For example, it takes about 30 seconds to heat up, if you have a steam mop cleaner. Multiple attachments are a great advantage because you can clean basically everything. The most useful attachments are made for cleaning grout, steaming curtains, cleaning windows (or glass in general) and of course cleaning pads for sanitizing floors. The manufacturers put a lot of effort into designing new accessories, but you should ask yourself a question first: do you really need all of the attachments that exist? If you are looking for a good steam cleaner, you can read the ranking below with the 5 best steam cleaners for home use.

5. Steam cleaner - McCulloch MC1375 Canister

If you are looking for a steam cleaner with a large tank, you should consider buying a canister steam cleaner. The tank has a capacity of 48 oz, which means that it takes 10 minutes to heat up a full tank of water. It gives you about 90 minutes of continuous steam. You can clean hard floors, tiles and grout, outdoor furniture, your motorcycle and many more surfaces because there are 20 accessories that come along with the steamer. There is a highly useful function that allows you to clean each surface properly – variable steam control. You can also change the steam pressure. You can sanitize almost every surface in your house. You should be careful with wooden surfaces because they can decolorize themselves.

4. Steam cleaner - BISSELL Power Steamer Heavy Duty 3-in-1

Do you want to buy a comfortable steam mop cleaner? This is a slim steam mop cleaner from Bissell, which can be used as a steam mop or as a hand steam cleaner. You can clean higher surfaces thanks to an extension wand which you can use with the handheld steamer. There are certain places in your home, where bacteria can grow really fast. This is for example the toilet, bathtub (or shower) etc. Your bathroom requires proper cleaning, which is why you should sanitize those surfaces. This steam cleaner will surely make this task easier. The variable steam mode and on-demand trigger allows you to control the steam power. What kind of accessories can you use? For example, a window squeegee for cleaning windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. This device is wall mounted, which makes it even more functional.

3. Steam cleaner - Bissell SteamShot

A handheld steam cleaner is a useful device for those who don’t need an all-purpose steam cleaner. You can sanitize and clean all the surfaces you want – grout, flat and hard surfaces or even toys. There are three scrubbing brushes, one grout tool, one flat scraper tool, an angle concentrator tool and a standard concentrator tool. You can use it on objects that are used by kids or pets because the steam cleaner uses only water to sanitize surfaces. The water tank is naturally smaller than a water tank in a bigger steam cleaner, but the device can remove stubborn stains, and it kills up to 99.9% of germs. High temperature and high pressure are the best for sanitizing any surface because you can avoid using strong chemicals.

2. Steam cleaner - PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

This is a classic steam mop cleaner with a detachable handheld unit for sanitizing smaller surfaces. It is really comfortable to clean the hard floors with the mop cleaning pads, and then clean your mirror or windows with the window squeegee. There are also smaller nylon brushes and a straight nozzle for cleaning grout, furniture, clothes, or even carpets. If you don’t know how to remove an old coffee stain on your armchair, you can try using the power of steam. You will be surprised how effective the steam can be. The water tank can be filled with tap water and its capacity is 11.5 oz. The steam cleaner is ready within 30 seconds.

1. Steam cleaner - Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop Cleaner

The best steam cleaner on this list is Bissell Power Fresh steam mop cleaner. This is a great, powerful device, which can remove even the worst stains and messes like dry mud, spilled coffee or tea, dust and many others. You can customize the steam level, which is based on the surface you clean. You can use this steam mop on different types of floors, for example hardwood, ceramic, granite and marble, and linoleum floors. You can wash the mop pads in the washing machine to keep them perfectly clean before each use. If you want to leave a nice, fresh scent after cleaning, you can use demineralized water recommended by Bissell. Choose your favorite steam cleaner and get rid of any type of mess.