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5 Best Gray and Silver Gray Hair Coverage

First gray hair can mortify us. Silver hair is a sign of aging. It happens because the pigment cells in the hair slowly die. But there is a simple way to bring the color back again. There are plenty of different brands and colors on the market, especially on the internet. You can find crazy and bright colors, as well as neutral and natural tones. We understand that it is difficult to choose the right colorization and that is why we made a top 5 ranking list with the best gray and silver coverage. But before you will read and check out all the products, you should probably know a few things beforehand. First of all – there is no need to panic. Everyone has different amount of melanin in the organism. If your hair are naturally blond or even platinum, it means that you have less melanin. But here is a positive side: your gray or silver hair will be less visible and more transparent. You can cover it very easily. On the other hand there are many people with darker hair and it is much more problematic to find the best solution in form of a good hair dye for gray and silver coverage. If your hair is brown or black you may notice the first gray hairs on the top of your head without any problems. The process of hair-aging is personal, which you have probably noticed by looking at your friends’ hair. Don’t worry, there are many professional hair dyes that covers all kind of hair in a spectacular and fast way. So, if you are looking for a solution and you need a change on your head – here is our ranking with the best gray hair coverage. 

5. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color - Silver Gray Hair Coverage

Revlon is a popular brand in the cosmetics industry. A well-known name and positive reviews attract new customers, who want only the best quality. Revlon Colorsilk covers 100% of all gray and silver hair. There are many beautiful colors with amazing reflects. You can choose between many shades of blonds, browns, reds and even blacks. The 3D Color Gel Technology offers a natural-looking and multidimensional color which lasts for a few weeks. The formulation contains keratin and silk amino acid to leave your hair in a better condition. Also, it is amonia free so the smell is very nice and it doesn’t irritate your nose. Amonia free solutions are also good for allergic sufferers.

4. John Frieda Precision Foam Color - Silver Gray Hair Coverage

Here is an innovation. A foamy and mellow consistence is easy to apply and covers all your gray hair. John Frieda offers professional hair products and is well-know all over the world. Flawless results will give you amazing color with shiny reflects. A long lasting, rich pigmentation guarantees your satisfaction of your new look. After the colorization process use a dedicated conditioner for a silky and soft effect. Your hair will be properly nourished and moisturized. Moreover, the revolutionary foam doesn’t leave a mess on your skin and clothes because it is white during the colorization. There are many natural and beautiful shades of blondes, browns and blacks. Everyone can choose something suitable to their personal taste.

3. Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash - Silver Gray Hair Coverage

This the perfect option for those who are looking for semi-permanent hair color, but in an extravagant shade. Here you can find colors such as pink, light blue, neon yellow, turquoise, orange, intensive red and many more. The original formulation is plant-based, so it doesn’t contains parabens, mineral oils, ammonia, PPD, gluten or peroxide. It is safe for allergic patients. Also, the company takes care of animals and that is why all products are 100% cruelty free. The application is very easy and quick. If you want to cover your silver hair with a bold color, try Celeb Luxury.

2. Kiss Tintation - Silver Gray Hair Coverage

The next product in our compilation is Kiss Tintation. Here you can choose between many beautiful colors like Pink Mania, Hawaiian Fire, Lime Light, Cyan, Orchid and many, many more. Semi-permanent coverage allows you to change colors more often. Your gray hair can look extravagant and modern every day. You can also inspire and surprise your friends by showing up with a totally different look. Silver hair doesn’t need to look boring. The ammonia, sulfate and peroxide free formulation is safe for your skin. It was made with Aloe Vera water to soften and moisturize your hair. Argan oil, olive oil, keratin and collagen enrich your hair’s condition to leave it well-nourished. Cover your gray hair with a crazy color.

1. Keracolor Color+ Clenditioner - Silver Gray Hair Coverage

Last but not least – Keracolor. Positive reviews and comments confirm the best quality and innovative formula. This is the perfect solution for gray hair. You can have an intensive and rich color. Pinks and blues are always popular, so why not try it out? The huge advantage to gray hair is, that it is so easy to apply any color, and it will look spectacular. The results are the most visible and intense on light blonds or silver hair. The formula contains natural substances like coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, keratin complex and more – everything to nourish and moisturize you hair. After the whole colorization process your hair will be soft, silky and shiny. You can impress anyone who sees you. Let your imagination play the main role in your dream metamorphosis!