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The 5 best bikini trimmers

If you are not happy with your current razor, other methods like using wax are not effective, or you just don’t have time for that, you should at least try to use a bikini trimmer. Why are the bikini trimmers so popular? They are easy and intuitive to use, they deliver awesome effects in just several minutes, and you can buy them once, and use them for months (or even years). If you have never used such a device, you may probably wonder how to use such a thing at home. There are a couple of tricks that you can use, in order to avoid skin irritation, ingrown hair or bumps. If this is your first attempt to trim your bikini line with an electric razor, you should prepare your skin properly. First – clean and dry the area you want to shave. If you have very sensitive skin, you can use your favorite oil or shaving cream – this should protect your skin from irritation. After the whole process of shaving your bikini zone, you should use a moisturizer. After-care is also important, if you want to have smooth and soft skin. You should also pay attention to use only clean tools. Your intimate areas are really strict when it comes to hygiene. The advantage of an electric trimmer is that you can wash its shaving head under the water after each use. You should also replace your blades regularly – sharp blades are more effective, and you can avoid unwanted cuts. You need to know how to trim the pubic hair. Well, the rule is actually simple – you should shave it with the grain, which is the direction your pubic hair grows. The opposite direction is not recommended because of the risk of skin irritation (which is guaranteed after such a procedure). Some bikini trimmers can be used under the shower, but you should always read the instruction thoroughly and make sure that your device is waterproof. Using a bikini trimmer is an easy way to feel more comfortable with yourself. Trimming your pubic hair can be healthy, as long you do it correctly. If you want to buy a reliable and robust bikini trimmer, you can read our ranking with the best devices in this category.

5. Philips Beauty BikiniGenie BRT383/50 Bikini Trimmer

Let’s start with a simple, yet very handy bikini trimmer. The head of the device is small, but precise. It allows you to trim all of those difficult-to-reach areas. This device is cordless, and it is powered by AA batteries. If you don’t want to collect another USB-cable, this solution might be just for you. Besides the bikini trimming head, there is also a mini shaving head, which is useful if you want to smoothen your intimate areas. Two purple cling-on trimming combs are made for trimming pubic hair in different lengths. You can store all of the attachments and the trimmer itself in a pouch. This is one of the most ergonomic and compact trimmers that offers you really satisfying effects.

4. Panasonic Bikini Trimmer and Shaver ES-WV60-S Bikini Trimmer

Four attachments for better results – the Panasonic trimmer offers you not only a classic trimmer head, but also a shaver head, a bikini comb attachment, and a skin guard attachment. The device is fully portable because it doesn’t have any cords (the trimmer is battery-powered). Its compact and slim design helps you to hold it in your hand, while you are trimming your bikini zone. The head is very precise, even in places, where the pubic hair is shorter and harder to reach. You can wash the head under the water after each use. The shaver head delivers a smooth finish – it cuts the hair quickly and effectively. Use the trimmer head to cut longer hair (the hair can be wet).

3. Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women ES2216PC Bikini Trimmer

If you need a shaving tool that you can use in a few different ways, you should consider buying a device like Panasonic ES2216PC. The device is cordless, so you can use it wherever you want. This electric shaver has one main head and one bikini attachment that allows you to change the length setting. The main head has 4 blades and a pop-up trimmer. You can use it not only on your intimate area, but also on your legs or armpits. The attachment is useful for longer hair to cut it quickly and effectively. The head is easy to clean – you just need to rinse it underwater. You can charge the device with a wall AC Adaptor.

2. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 Flex Beauty Set Bikini Trimmer

This is a complete beauty set for having smooth and soft skin on your whole body. You can use the shaver on your bikini line thanks to the trimmer head. The tweezers remove even short hair, so you can use the epilator and be certain, that your skin will be the same smooth every time. Your bikini zone is very sensitive, so you need to be careful about the pressure you use on this area. The SesnoSmart technology will help you with that. There is a red light above the power button. If you use too much pressure, the lamp will let you know about it. Shave and trim your hair any time and be satisfied with the effects you get.

1. Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women ES246AC Bikini Trimmer

The best trimmer is surely the one, that is capable of cutting the hair precisely and fast. To cut every hair, you need to be able to change the length settings. Panasonic ES246AC offers you 5 different length settings, so you can trim the hair closely to your skin or not. Both shorter and longer hair is evenly trimmed. The device is loved by many happy users who say that they can rely on the trimmer, and they use it for a long time. The results are always satisfying and spectacular. If you like to keep your intimate area nice and clean, this trimmer can surely help you with that. The simple and compact design allows you to hold the device securely in your hand, while you are shaving, and you can also easily store the trimmer in your cosmetic bag.