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5 best LED nail lamps

Gel and hybrid nails became so popular that today a lot of women can’t imagine a week without beautiful and glossy nails. There are two possibilities to get a perfect manicure: to book an appointment at a beauty salon or to make DIY-nails. Right now it is easy to find a tutorial on the Internet and learn all the manicure techniques and tips to create an one of a kind nail look. If you want to do your nails at home, you need to buy a few things. First of all – you need to use a LED nail lamp to dry the nail polish quickly and properly. The more powerful a lamp you have, the quicker your nails will be completely dry and hardened. This is key in hybrid and gel manicure. You can also use your lamp for pedicure, if there is such a need. Besides the nail lamp, you need to buy high-quality nail polishes for hybrid manicure – you can find them on the Internet or at any local drug store. Depending on the brand, they may cost more or less, but the most important thing is to buy a dedicated type of polish. Last but not least – nail tools. You also need to buy standard tools like nail files etc. to get your nails ready before the manicure. It is worth to think about a nail drill to be able to take off previous layers of nail polish – using a standard nail polish remover is pointless, because it won’t remove old and hardened layers of hybrid manicure. If you know what to buy, let’s talk about an effective nail lamp. There is a difference between an UV and an LED lamp. You have probably seen both UV and LED lamps. The main difference is that LED lamps last longer than UV ones. An LED lamp can be used for up to 50,000 hours, while an UV lamp for up to 10,000 hours. LED lamps cures gels faster than UV lamps, but they are more expensive than UV lamps. Everything has pros and cons, but it’s probably better to spend a little bit more once, than to buy a couple of devices instead. On the market there are in fact also hybrids that connect two in one. Maybe it is a compromise for you. In this ranking we would like to present the 5 best nail lamps that you can easily order online.

5. LED nail lamp Melody Susie

This is a mixed type UV-LED lamp that is portable and easy to use. If you are not a pro, this may be an option for you, because the price is surprisingly good. The lamp itself weight only 0,15 lbs. You can transport it wherever you want to. The lamp cures your gel nails with low heat. On the top of the device there is a button, with which you can activates the built-in timer (60 seconds and 45 seconds). This lamp has only 6 W, but if you are a beginner or you like to do your nails at home from time to time, this should satisfy your needs.

4. LED nail lamp SUNUV

If you are looking for a more powerful lamp for home use, SUN offers 48 W. There are 3 timer settings 5s, 30s and 60s. There are 30 LED bulbs with high power, that dry nail polish faster. This lamp is comfortable for your hands and safe for your eyes and skin. This lamp works only on gel or shellac top coat, so it may not be as effective on a classic nail polish. This is a perfect solution for your DIY manicure at home.

3. LED nail lamp Easkep

The Easkep lamp in not only stronger than the previous lamp, but it also looks amazing. A modern and interesting design gives even more fun and pleasure from doing your nails. There are five available color options: white, blue, gold, purple and taro. This lamp cures the nails faster thanks to 86 Watts of power and high quality LED beads in a proper distribution. The lamp has an LED-display and a few buttons with 4 timer-options: 99s, 60s, 30s and 10s. You can adjust the time by pressing the chosen button. In addition, you get a set of 12 nail flies – this is a nice and useful gift for you! Also, the bottom of the lamp is detachable, so you can easily clean it, when it is needed.

2. LED nail lamp Jewhiteny UV

This cute nail lamp offers 54 Watts of power, 18 LEDs and three time-settings: 30s, 60s, 90s. The lamp has a built-in sensor that automatically turns on or off when you put your hand in or out. There is no need to think about pressing too many buttons. All you need to do is to power on the device and pick the right time-setting for you. On the LCD screen you can see the curing time. This is the perfect lamp for all gel nail polish types. Fast and effective curing is waiting for you. DIY manicure has never been so easy to do.

1. LED nail lamp Sunrich

Here is the most powerful lamp in this ranking. Dual LED light source and 120 Watts of power cures your nails a lot faster than an average nail lamp. As usual, there is a build-in timer with 4 different options: 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s. In addition to that, there are also 42 light beads. The smart auto sensor allows you to put your hands in or out comfortable, without pressing any buttons. The lamp’s weight is 1,48 pounds, so you can transport it easily with help of a silver handle. This lamp should satisfy not only beginners, but also advanced manicure artists. Make your DIY manicure at home easier and more comfortable than ever before with this amazing lamp.