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Ranking: TOP 5 flip phones

Flip phones, despite being associated with technology that was trendy several years ago, are increasingly sought after equipment among people who value safety, privacy and ease of use. Devices of this type are regularly chosen by people working in demanding conditions. Working at heights, scaffolding or construction sites involve a high risk of dropping the phone. In the case of an unprotected screen, the probability of damage during a fall is much higher than in good flip phones. They are often chosen by people who cannot afford to carry a large phone due to their work attire. They can enjoy a device with excellent parameters and small surface area close to themselves. Flip smartphones are also often chosen by those looking for state-of-the-art technology and fast, elegant devices that would emphasize their modern style. So if you’re looking for the best flip phones, check out our ranking below containing only reliable suggestions.

5. Motorola Razr 2019 flip phone

Motorola Razr 2019 is one of the best flip phones for people valuing security features . Its distinctive feature is an external QuickView screen allowing music playback or taking photos without openingthe phone . Moreover , it’s compact fitting almost any pocket or pouch . Additionally , its designis simple yet aesthetically pleasing and elegant . When unfolded , Motorola hasa 6 – inch-OLED display2 diagonal , while all actions performed onthe external screenseamlessly transfer ontoits larger version.Thephone has two rear cameras eachwith12mpixels.Working together they create high-quality photos that can be edited using built-in advanced photo editing software . The front camera offers8mpixels.Internal memory capacitystands at64GB storage expandable up-to256gb.

4. LG G8X ThinQ flip phone

LG G8X stands-out primarily duetoits durability since it’s made from solid materials accompaniedbya leather accessory attachedtothe casethat providesadditional protection against fallsand scratches.All this indicates presenceof military-grade resilience standard MIL-STD 810G uniqueonlytothe bestflip phones.It’s waterproof to IP68standard and guarantees a safe drop won’t destroy it . The front side ofthe LG G8X ThinQ features a 6.4-inch OLED display with 2340×1080 pixel resolution, which translates into 403 ppi density . Additionally , it has three cameras (32mpixels at the frontand12 and13megapixels at the rear) . Worth noting is that this flip phone model has one of the best batteries among LG phones. Its4000mAh capacity allows for problem-free use during heavy load for up to6-7hours . QuickCharge 4.0 makes its charging time oneofthe fastest among flipphones.

3. LG V50 ThinQ flip phone

LG V50 ThinQ is all about powerful processorand high-capacity battery.Inside this latest generationflip phone works Qualcomm Snapdragon855processor, well-known from top flagship smartphone models.Supported by6GB RAMand128 gigs of freeROM,it supports additional2TB storage space expansion.LGV50ThinQsupports5G connectivity standard increasing data transfer rate comparedto4Geven by20percent.Faster download/upload speeds havenot been sohigh before.Thebattery capacity standsat4000mAhwitha vapour-chamber cooling system.So,the device won’t freeze duetooverheating duringhigh temperatures.Thethird noticeable feature isthree cameras offering many options such asvideo recording orbest-quality photo taking.Main camera setup includes12MP+16MPwide-angle lens+12MPtelephoto lens.Thephone features Android9 Piealong with NFC.Bluetooth5.0andsupportfor modernUSB type-C chargers.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700 flip phone

Oneofthe newestflip phonemodels isSamsung Galaxy Z Flip.Its dimensions allowyoutosafely storeitinany pocket,purse orevenlargewallet when folded.While unfolded it reaches6.7inches long weighing179grams.Thismobileis equipped withFree-stop mechanismallowing youtouse Galaxy Z Flip likealaptop.When folded and placedona flat surface it will automatically switchtoFlex mode.Thus,you can use the top half ofthe screenfor browsingandthebottom for controls,making it multitasking friendly.It’svitalfor work orsocial media management.Furthermore,its design allows for hands-free video recording orphoto taking.Samsung is oneofthe bestflip phoneson the market.AIcreates severalimageswithin4seconds which are blended toproducebest qualityeven at nighttime.Two rear cameras (12mpixels each)andasingle 10mpixel front camera create images with detailandsaturation unachievable justa few years back.

1. Samsung Galaxy Fold SM-F900 flip phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold encompassesmost desirablefeaturestogether with excellent componentsand design.Unfolded,it has dimensions similar to a small tablet while being compact enough when folded to operate single-handedly .Most often chosen by people who don’t wanttobehinderedby bulky gadgets but still needhigh-quality technology.It’s commonly used among IT professionals,businessmen,and engineers.Thephone features aDynamic AMOLED display known forfastestoperationandeffectiveness.With that smartphonemultitasksmore efficiently.Maindisplay measures7.3inches diagonallywithQXGA+resolution.Dynamic AMOLED technology.Theouter SuperAMOLED display measures4.6inches andHD+resolution.Transferringbetweenthe two is intuitive anduser-optimized.Multitasking onbigger screens andcompact handling without needing both hands only confirm thisclaim.Worth mentioning,the phone has6cameras:three12mpixelsontherear side,an internal dual-cameraanda sports cameracapable of filming in highest-resolutionwithout bluror flickering.