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The 5 best home weather stations

Sometimes the weather conditions can surprise you, because the reports in your mobile app or the weather forecast were wrong. Weather forecasts that you watch on the TV are not that precise, because your location can be far away from the local station. If you want to follow the current weather conditions, you should consider purchasing a home weather station. The best home weather stations shows you both outdoor and indoor temperatures, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and even wind direction. There are many interesting and highly innovative home weather stations, which are usually wireless. Any weather station will read the weather predictions precisely. Regardless of your location, you will always know, if you need to wear warmer or maybe lighter clothing. Besides that, you will be able to read the weather information in real-time. This is a great advantage and one of the many reasons why people buy weather stations. You won’t need more general weather predictions from the meteorological departments. Everyone knows that the weather can change rapidly after all, you may experience e.g. sudden storm or strong wind. You can act before everyone else, hide more valuable things from the outside and protect them from unwanted damage. Weather stations are insanely easy to use, so even elderly people can use it without any trouble. If you live with other family members or roommates, you can share the data. Several people can use the same weather station, because it can run on a few devices simultaneously. If you live in a region, where the risk of sudden weather changes is high, you should own this smart device, which will help you to protect yourself and your family, and also important things that you store outside. You can install your new weather station and create a smarter home – this is an useful option for those, who want to stay tuned and get an instant information about the weather changes. If you want to buy a home weather station, you can read our ranking below. We’ve collected the 5 best home weather stations in different price ranges.

5. Weather station - Logia 5-in-1 Wi-Fi

This weather station from Logia for outdoors and indoors is a great and easy in use device. The big and bright screen helps with reading the reports. The measurements are accurate and the setup is easy – it doesn’t take a long time to install the device. You can check the humidity, wind strength, rainfall prediction, barometric pressure and of course the temperature. You can also see the time, so if you need, you can place the device on your nightstand. Don’t worry, you can change the bright light into a discreet nightlight. It is a great gift for an elderly person who wants to follow the weather, however they can also use it as a regular alarm clock.

4. Weather station - AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Indoor/Outdoor Wireless

AcuRite Iris’ weather station is a reliable device, which can predict rainfall, the wind direction and speed, humidity, barometric pressure and, naturally, the temperature. The device can calibrate itself in the Learning Mode. It helps with analyzing weather prediction in your location. The barometric pressure indicator looks like an arrow – it shows falling, steady and rising pressure. If you are not sure, if upcoming rain will destroy your afternoon walk, you can check the rainfall tracker in your device. The weather station tracks all the rainfall data – recorded for the day, by month etc. The forecast matches your exact location, so it is fully personalized for you.

3. Weather station - Newentor Wireless

A colorful and large screen is needed to be able to read all the collected data. This is a really multifunctional weather station, which can do more things than you suppose. Besides its basic functions such as weather forecasting, measuring humidity, barometric pressure etc., it can also define the moon phase, you can set an alarm and use it as a calendar. You don’t need to worry about the time accuracy, because the station can set its atomic time. This weather station is of course intended for both, outsides and indoors. There are two modes that you can use – backlight on for 15 seconds and always on. You should place the remote sensor outside, e.g. on the house wall.

2. Weather station - La Crosse Technology C85845-INT

This is one of the best rated weather stations. If you want to buy a reliable weather station, you can consider the purchase of La Crosse’s product. However, the seeing angle is not the best, so try to place the screen in such a place, that you can easily reach the screen. The price in comparison to other popular weather stations is attractive, so you won’t have to spend more than $50. You can easily check the weather forecast, humidity level, barometric pressure and more. This outdoor-indoor weather station is a great solution, if you want to follow the weather predictions regularly for a reasonable price.

1. Weather station - Ambient Weather WS-2902C WiFi Smart

The best weather forecast station on this ranking is the Ambient Weather WS-2902C. If you want to buy one device and use it for many years, you should think about this device. There are 10 sensors which measure the most important data such as temperature, wind speed, rainfall etc. You can connect this weather station to your Wi-Fi and make it available for not only yours, but also other mobile devices. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Very precise reports and reliable data will make you more secure, because you can prepare yourself for bad weather conditions in advance. You won’t need to rely on the TV weather forecasts, which are not always right. You can always check the weather – on your phone, tablet or even on your pc.