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5 best non-drip paint rollers

It can be frustrating to refresh your interiors if you don’t have good tools, such as paint rollers and paint brushes. If you have ever been at a home improvement store, you have probably noticed that there are plenty of different paint rollers. There are thicker and thinner naps that were made of different materials. Paint rolls have also different sizes, because sometimes you need to paint only a fragment of a wall, then you need a more precise tool. The most frustrating part of painting walls is when your roller constantly drips. It means, that you may have not drained the material enough, or the fabric is too thin. In order to choose the right paint roller, you should think about a few things beforehand. What are you going to paint? It could be a ceiling or a simple wall (or any other big surface). What is the texture of the surface that you want to refresh? Sometimes walls are not plain, but coarse like a brick wall. For example if the wall is light or medium textured, a microfiber roller will be the best in that case. If you want to cover a wooden or metal surface, such as doors, you should rather use a nap or a foam roller. Use a woven short nap roller for a smooth wall, because if you use a thicker one, you can make an unwanted pattern on the wall, which looks like an orange peel. Choosing the right thickness of your paint roller is key, if you want to professionally redo your interiors. Paint rollers are also used in many different DIY projects. You are going to use a decent and reliable tool, if you want to re-paint your old wooden furniture or maybe a fireplace. You should remember that there is no need to pressure the roller too hard – even a light pressure is enough to achieve smooth effects. To keep your painting tool in a good shape, you should get to know how to clean them. Never leave your rollers and brushes covered in paint. You should always soak them in water after use. Rinse them thoroughly under running water until the paint is completely removed. If you need to buy a decent paint roller, you can read our ranking with the 5 best paint rollers.

5. PILOT FISH 17 Pieces non-drip Paint Roller Set

If you are in the middle of renovation, you probably need more than one painting tool. In the Pilot Fish Set you can find 17 tools such as painting rollers and brushes in different sizes, a drop cloth that protects the floor from being covered in paint, and a paint tray. There are both, microfiber and mohair materials, which can be used on different surfaces. The set of 4-inch and 9-inch rollers allows you to reach all small areas, so you can cover them precisely.

4. STANLEY Premium non-drip Paint Kit

Another painting kit, which contains different-sized paint rollers, a brush, a paint tray, one heavy metal and one plastic tray, and of course two roller frames. Microfiber rollers are the most common for interiors, because they leave a nice and smooth finish on the wall. With this kit you can paint whole surfaces with different textures. The rollers can be used to paint ceilings, although you need to buy a rod. You can use the brush to finish the details or in a whole different project.

3. Bates non-drip Paint Set

If you are looking for a paint set that contains a few rollers, you could be interested in this one. There are two naps 9” x 1/2” roller covers, and two naps 4” x 1/2” roller covers (and two fitting roller frames). In addition to the rollers there are also two types of brushes – one classic paint brush (2”), and one high density foam brush (also 2”). The second one can be used with all paints, chalks, varnishes etc. It absorbs paint and reduces dripping, which makes your work more comfortable. The microfiber rollers are usually the most efficient on smooth or semi-smooth surfaces, which is the most popular type of walls inside houses, offices and other buildings.

2. Pro Grade non-drip Paint Roller Cover Set

This all-in-one paint set delivers great results on big and smooth or semi-smooth walls (or ceilings), that need a refreshment. There are two roller frames (9” and 4”), two 9” x 1/2″ roller covers, two mini roller covers (4” x 1/2″), a flat sash brush, two angle sash brushes, and a plastic tray. You can achieve great results with less effort – good quality tools are necessary, if you are going to make a redo of your living room, bedroom, or any other room at home. Make sure that the walls are not textured (e.g. brick walls, coarse ceilings etc.), because otherwise the microfiber rollers will not deliver the same effect.

1. Wooster Pro/Doo-Z Nap non-drip Rollers

If you don’t need any different paint tools other than rollers, then this is the best option for you. With Wooster paint rollers you can work comfortable and quick. The high density fabric can hold more paint, but it doesn’t drip on the floor. You can use many types of paint with different finishes, for example eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, and many more. You can also use these roller with primers, urethanes, and epoxies variants. A super smooth and clean finish is possible thanks to the woven fabric, which is resistant to shedding. You will not see a clump of fabric blended with the paint on the wall. All of the cover rollers are in the same size, which is 9-inches and 3/8-inches nap. It is the best to use this type on semi-smooth surfaces (for example wooden furniture or other objects). One pack contains 6 tools, which is a nice solution if you have to deal with a bigger renovation.