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5 best interior paints

Sometimes you may want to change your household a little bit and the best way to do it is to repaint your walls. It is difficult to choose the right color and its shade because there are so many available options on the Internet. But before you will decide which color will look the best, you should know few things about interior paints. First of all is a kind of the finish. There are few types of paint sheen for example flat, matte, satin and eggshell. Eggshell seems to be the most intriguing paint sheen because of its name and its effect. Eggshell is a paint sheen that feels like a flat or matte finish with a little bit of gloss. This type is the most universal for few reasons. Eggshell highlights paint’s color even more than a flat or matte sheen because of the beautiful reflects. Glossiness make your room more cozy and optically wider. Another thing is that you can choose eggshell sheen and use it for walls on almost every interior surface like bathrooms, living rooms, offices or even basements. But satin or flat sheen are also popular and wanted. Consider a matte sheen if you want to hide some imperfections on the wall – glossy sheen can expose roughness. Also, glossy sheen works really well in higher humidity areas like a bathroom or a kitchen. Choosing a right brand is also important due to quality. Sometimes it is worth to spend more money for a paint if you want the effects to be spectacular. We made this top 5 ranking with the best interior paints that you can buy online. If you are interested in home renovations and you want to change a color in any room, you can read our list and decide which one will work the best for you.

5. Interior paint Microblend Paint+Primer

Microblend is a high quality brand that offers many colors and paint sheen. Their products are available in many sizes. You can choose between 1 and 5 gallons. Blend of paint and primer gives a silky and smooth finish. Everyone knows that specific smell of paint, but Microblend manufactures low odor and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products to make you feel comfortable during painting. Water-based formula is stain resistant and easily washable, which is particularly important when you have kids. Remember that light can change the real color of your chosen paint. It is the best to paint the walls before an evening. When it comes to color families, there are available more than 9. It means that there are plenty of interesting, new, extravagant and neutral colors. You can also mix different shades to create unique look.

4. Interior paint Behr Premium Plus

Behr is a very popular and good-quality brand in its field. Behr Premium Plus paint with semi-gloss finish will give a glamorous glance to any interior area. White color is always on the top. White paint looks spectacular in lofts which usually contrasts with black furniture or details. White paint optically widen your space at home. Eggshell sheen hides some imperfections on the wall and reflects sunlights very well. You can also use Behr Premium on other surfaces like a brick fireplace. White bricks are very trendy nowadays so you can use your imagination and change your old home design.

3. Interior paint Valspar Professional Interior

Number three in our ranking is Valspar Professional Interior. Valspar is a well-known American brand and has a lot of positive reviews, not without a reason. This manufacturer has a long history behind and huge experience in paints’ production. Our proposal from Valspar has an eggshell sheen which is perfect for any room. The paint goes really well with a roller and covers a wall thoroughly. This is a good investment for those who love white color. You can use this paint as a base and as a covering of an old shade. Such a preparation of the wall will enable better coverage and will smooth the surface.

2. Interior paint Rust-Oleum Chalked

Ultra matte finish works well on different kinds of surfaces. Rust-Oleum offers many beautiful colors in many shades that you can use in your bedroom, kitchen or even on wood. Pastel colors are in general a growing trend in many households. You can create a rustic or vintage design or modern and extravagant space. If you want to redecorate old furniture, fireplace or metal decorations, you can also use Rust-Oleum paint. Latex formula is low odor and enable to clean up the wall with a water and soap. Easy application allows you to paint any surface – quickly and effectively. Make sure though that you picked professional rollers and brushes because it is a significant factor during painting. It also impacts the final look of the walls.

1. Interior paint Prestige Lifetime Ultra Premium Interior

And the winner is Prestige Lifetime that offers many colors and paint finishes. You can choose a flat, satin, semi-gloss or eggshell sheen to create any effect. Acrylic-latex paint is perfect to be cleaned up with water and soap and the formula contains low VOC. American-manufactured paints guarantee the highest quality and a huge color selection. There are many shades of reds, pinks, greens, aquas, grays, yellows and many more. If you are not sure about the right shade for your interior space, you can use a ColorPic app which matches a picked color with your current room design. The visualization can help to imagine how the new look of your bedroom will actually present. However, please notice that colors in the app can be different in reality because sunlights can change the actual paint color.