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5 best air compressors

Air compressors are useful devices, that should have a place in every garage. Today, manufacturers produce lightweight and compact air compressors, which can drive most air tools. Not only professionals use such a device – air compressors are perfect tools if you like DIY and low price solutions. You can easily change the color of the fence or of your bike, but you can also quickly and effortless pump a tire or a mattress. If you have never used an air compressor before, you may want to know how an air compressor works. A piston moves inside the cylinder and air is sucked into the compressor. The piston in the cylinder is then set in motion by a crank mechanism. It reduces the capacity of the sucked-in air, thereby its pressure is increased. There are two main types of air compressors: oil-powered and oil-free air compressors. The first type can be problematic for clean manufacturing environments. Oil is used to lubricate the inside mechanisms, but when the device is used, the fumes may damage other products or ongoing manufacturing processes. To avoid such a problem you can buy an oil-free air compressor which maybe costs more, but the risk that you will damage your other devices drastically goes down. Even though the basic price is higher than in case of oil-powered air compressors, you can save some money too. You don’t need to change the parts so frequently in oil-free air compressors. The so-called “pancake” air compressors are easily portable and they don’t take up a lot of space in your workshop. So if you are interested in buying an air compressor, you can check out our ranking with the best rated products in this category. You will find the links below.

5. Makita MAC320Q Quiet Series Air Compressor

Usually air compressors are very loud so it is difficult to work for many hours and listen to this irritating sound. But today manufacturers implement many changes – not only in the construction of the air compressors, but also in other fields. Makita MAC320Q is a great example that today’s workshop doesn’t have to be that loud. The Quiet Series produces only 60 dB of noise, so the operator can work in a better environment. This device is oil-free and has a 3 gallon (11.4 L) tank. Because the device is quite small, you can transport it with a carrying handle. This air compressor is electric-powered and has a cord, which you can wrap to store it safely. The complete roll-cage construction protects the inner parts such as the engine.

4. PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

If your are looking for a bigger tank, the PORTER-CABLE air compressor should satisfy your needs. The capacity of 6 gallons lasts for longer, this is especially recommended for bigger projects. The maximum tank pressure is 150 psi which drives longer tool runtimes. Quick compressor recovery is possible thanks to 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi – it speeds up your work on different tools. The compressor is lightweight, because it weighs only 30 lbs, and a comfortable handle can help you with transporting the compressor. The durable pump and powerful motor provide a long life of this pancake air compressor.

3. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor

Another great oil-free air compressor which will surely find its place in your garage. You can use this air compressor even in worse weather conditions such as cold weather. The maximum pressure of the 6 gallon (22.7 L) tank is 150 psi. The durable 90 psi pump guarantees a long tool runtime and quick recovery of the air compressor. The device isn’t the most quiet, although it is still only 78,5 dB (it gets quieter). The noise level depends on the environment you work in. There are two universal couplers for two users, and each coupler has a high flow of the air. You can pump your car tire really fast, without any effort. This air compressor is also powered by a cord. The performance of the device is really highly rated by the users. They usually say that the compressor works well with pneumatic tools for auto work or with framing nail guns.

2. DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

Although the tank has 6 gallons (like previously), the maximum pressure is 165 psi. That means that the compressor’s efficiency is even higher. The tank delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi. An oil-free construction is better when you work in a clean environment and you don’t want to damage other parts of other devices. Because of the air compressor size, you can easily lift it can carry it in your hand (there is a handle on the top of the device). There are also two universal couplers, so you can work with different types of pneumatic tools. It is especially comfortable in a car workshop. Air compressors can get rid of dust and dirt within seconds, so you can also use it during a renovation. The device can be used both outdoors and indoors.

1. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor

The great value of this air compressor has satisfied many users who need such a device for smaller and bigger projects, not only at home, but also in a professional workshop. The motor fills the tank quickly, the recovery time won’t take too much time. The fast recovery is delivered by an efficient pump. The maximum tank pressure is 150 psi on a 6 gallon tank capacity. The device comes with a hose and you can work with any pneumatic tool – there are two universal couplers. Work faster in a clean environment (the compressor is oil-free) with less effort. You can quickly clean other tools from dust (if you are for example a woodworker, you are going to need such a device to get rid of sawdust).

Choose your favorite air compressor and start working more efficiently. Every air compressor on this list is recommendable for professionals and DIYers.