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The 5 best knife sets

Good kitchen knives are necessary to cook delicious food effortless. Depending on your skills, you are going to need a different set. You can find many fantastic knife sets that are easy and comfortable to use. You don’t need twenty or more knives to cut vegetables and meat. There are 6-8 knife sets that include different shapes of knives for different tasks. Obviously, you are going to use a different knife to cut pork and to chop onions or peel an apple. There are certain types of knives that usually appears in such sets. For example, a chef’s knife. This is one of the most universal knives because use you can use it to many purposes such as cutting meat, chopping vegetables and fruits, including these hard like carrots. There is also a bread knife with serrated edge. If you like to eat sandwiches of fresh loaf of bread or of a baguette, this knife will make slicing easier. You won’t destroy the fluffy texture of the loaf. Any good knife set cannot exist without a peeling knife or a paring knife. It is a better tool than a peeler because you can not only get rid of skin on vegetables and fruits, but also chop them into small pieces. This is a good option for anyone who wants to spare time because it takes seconds to do it. Any kind of knife should be sharp enough, so you can prepare food effortlessly, quick, and safely. A dull blade can be more dangerous than many could think. Cutting hard vegetables with a dull knife can hurt your hand because the blade can simply slip off the veggie and land on your finger or hand. A professional knife set is extremely shar at the beginning, but after some time of use, it requires a proper sharpening. You should also equip your kitchen with a high-quality knife sharpener. The great part of knife sets is stored in knife block. It is a smart solution to keep your knives organized, but you also have an easy access to them. The blades are hidden in the block, you will not hurt yourself while cooking. If you are interested in buying a reliable knife set, you can read our ranking below with the 5 best kitchen knife sets. Please notice that one offer contains different variants of sets. Click links below to order the best kitchen knife set.

5. McCook MC21 Knife Set

This 15-pieces set of kitchen knives finds its purpose in every kitchen. You can find here 15 elements, including knife block with a built-in knife sharpener. Besides that, you get different shaped knives and sized knives. The biggest knife in this set is the chef’s knife which is an all-purpose knife. You can chop onions, mince meat, slice chicken breast or dice carrots. There is also a Santoku knife that is smaller than the chef’s knife, but it made for chopping, mostly vegetables, but you can use it for other ingredients. This set also includes a serrated knife for cutting buns in half or slicing bread, one utility knife and paring knife, and 6 steak knives. In addition, there are also two pairs of kitchen shears.

4. HENCKELS Kitchen Knife Set

There is no need of buying a 20 pieces knife set because a 12 pieces set is enough to cook like a pro. You can find here the most necessary knives that everyone needs in their kitchen. First of all, there is an 8-inch multipurpose chef’s knife. Besides that, you can use a Santoku knife for chopping, and a serrated knife for cutting white bread. A small 3-inch paring knife can be useful, when you want to peel vegetables or cut other ingredients. There are also 6 steak knives with really sharp blades that can cut through the meat without any problems. You can use the knife sharpener that is also included in this set and store all elements in elegant wooden knife block. You can choose its color (there are 5 options available).

3. New Home Hero 17 pcs Kitchen Knife Set

If you are looking for a knife set with more than 12 or 15 elements, the New Home Hero kitchen knife set is for you. In this set there are 17 elements included. You can find here the most important knives such as chef’s knife or utility knife, but there are also tools such as double-sided peeler or multipurpose scissors. You should use a knife sharpener regularly to keep all knife blades sharp as new. You can use to this purpose the sharpener from the set. Besides classic knives like utility knife, you get also a pizza knife or cheese knife. A cheese knife is a must for cheese connoisseurs. Every element can be stored in the transparent, modern-looking knife block.

2. Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay Block Knife Set

A few elements in a knife are enough to cook whatever you want. There are five different knives in this set, and all of them can be stored in the knife block, which is round, so it takes less place on your kitchen island or countertop. There are: chef’s knife, bread knife with serrated blade, Santoku knife, utility knife, and last, but not least – paring knife. These knives are made of stainless steel which is the best material for knife production. It will last for years in untouched condition, as long as you take a good care of them.

1. DALSTRONG Knife Set Block

The best knife set on this list is DALSTRONG 8-piece set. These are professional knives for those who have high expectations. If you are a pro chef, or if you want to buy knives that you will use for many years. Perfect 18-degree angle and scalpel-like sharpness guarantee the smoothest chopping, slicing, dicing, and cutting. The 8 pieces set should answer your needs. You get seven different standard knives and a knife sharpener. Everything is stored in a beautiful wooden knife block. If you pay attention to details, you will be satisfied with the overall look of the knives – polished black handles look fantastic. If you appreciate the quality, this set is for you.