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The 5 best laundry powders

Doing laundry is an important daily task that everyone has to do. There are so many laundry detergents that sometimes it is hard to decide which type of detergent or liquid you to use. The most traditional laundry detergent is without a doubt the laundry powder. You can find the origin of the washing powder in Germany, where the first self-acting laundry detergent was invented in 1907. Persil’s great success changed the lives of many housewives, who could finally use a gentle laundry detergent that didn’t damage fabrics. Even though it’s been more than 100 years since Persil debuted on the market, it is still one of the most recognizable and trustworthy brands of laundry detergents in the world. Persil sells its products not only in Europe because there are many Americans who love Persil’s products too. The German quality is much better than the quality of many domestic brands, so it pays off to spend a little bit of extra money. One of the great advantage of Persil’s laundry powders compared to other detergents is that you can use them in lower temperatures, such as 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The competition on the current market offers other great detergents that many people buy. Sometimes it is difficult to get European detergents in a regular shop, so you always have to look for an alternative. Great examples of high-quality brands are Surf and Tide. Those two companies are popular among American clients because they usually have an affordable price and deliver satisfying results. Regardless of the brand, there are frequently two main types of laundry powders. You can find universal powders for many kinds of fabrics, and powders for colorful fabrics. They help to keep your cloths in a perfect shape, avoid fading and greying, and strengthen the fibers. If you are looking for a trustworthy and effective laundry powder, you can read our ranking with the 5 best detergents, which you can buy online.

5. Surf Aloha Splash Laundry Powder

If you are looking for a laundry powder, which smells different, than the most of the other detergents, Surf is a good choice. This powder leaves a nice tropical smell on your clothes, so you can enjoy it longer. The quality of Surf is always satisfying because the company has a large experience in this field. The powder is concentrated, which means that the detergent is going to last longer than a common product. One pack of the Surf detergent is enough to load 120 laundries. Happy users say that they’ve been using Surf for many years, and they always appreciated its quality and concentrated formula – it allows them to save some money.

4. Gain Ultra Original Laundry Powder

Gain is a well-known company that produces many laundry detergents. This washing powder is a good idea, if you want to keep your clothes in a perfect condition. You can use the powder for white clothes, which usually have higher expectations. Using the wrong laundry detergent may lead to fading or greying, and your favorite shirt may look like it was worn-out. Gain can help you keep all the fabric in a perfect condition, and it leaves a fresh smell on your clothes. One pack gives you 180 loads (12.8 lb), which is an economic solution for your pockets. Because Gain can remove stubborn stains, you have another opportunity to wear your favorite white shirt.

3. Persil Color Megaperls Laundry Powder

Do you want to keep the vibrant and rich colors of your clothes and enjoy a nice, intensive smell on them? You should try Persil Color Megaperls. This is a great laundry powder from Germany which keeps the colorful fabrics in spotless condition after every laundry. Once you try Persil, you won’t like any other brands so much. The German quality speaks for itself. Persil Color Megapearls can be used in low temperatures (from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit). The XL pack lasts for 44 loads, so it will last for a long time, if you don’t use it too often. You don’t have to add more powder than it is noted on the packaging – the washing powder is concentrated.

2. Tide Ultra Oxi Laundry Powder

Tide Ultra Oxi is one of the strongest laundry powders that you can buy. It removes even older stains, which are hard to launder. One dose of Tide Ultra Oxi corresponds to 6 doses of regular Oxi detergent. The concentrated formula is highly effective against different kind of stains (like tomato sauce, coffee or chocolate stains). This brand is recommended by washing machines manufacturers because it is safe for the inner mechanism. You can enjoy a longer life of your washing machine and the great results of every laundry you do. 95 oz. of Tide’s powder equals to 53 loads.

1. Persil Professional Universal Laundry Powder

Persil is one of the best German brands which produces washing powders, liquid detergents, pods and other detergents which help you get rid of stains from your clothes. If you are looking for only the best quality, you should try Persil Professional. You can even use it in low temperatures (from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 203 degrees Fahrenheit). This is a great product that you should have at home, if you want to keep all of the fabrics that you have in a great shape. This laundry powder can be used on bedsheets, tablecloths or other fabrics that require a strong detergent to remove not only stains, but also dust or unpleasant smell. A lot of people wouldn’t change this laundry powder from Persil to some other brand because the German quality guarantees only the best results and ultimate freshness every time you do your laundry.