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5 best hair dryers for curly hair

Curly hair requires special care if you want to achieve the perfect curls. You can dry your hair in many ways, but the fastest one is without a doubt to blow it dry. In order to do so, you need a hair dryer with a special attachment, which is a diffuser. A high quality hair dryer should include this attachment, so you can style your hair however you want. Besides a high quality hair dryer, you will also need good cosmetics starting with shampoo, and ending on sprays and conditioners. Only healthy hair can shine in the sun. Thankfully there are a lot of good products for hair care. The perfect hair dryer should blow your hair dry fast, distribute airflow properly, so the air is concentrated on every strand. Another thing is the temperature. If you struggle with damaged hair, don’t use the highest temperature (unless the highest temperature isn’t that hot) – use the medium setting instead. There are many kinds of diffusers – smaller and bigger, but it is your personal need that should define which one works the best for your hair. Sometimes it is worth to spend more money on a hair dryer, especially if you use it every day, because otherwise your hair can get fizzy and lose all of its volume. So how should you dry your hair? You can dry your hair up to 60% with the usual attachment and then change it to a diffuser and finish drying your hair with this attachment. Before you start drying your hair, you can use your favorite spray or other cosmetic that gives your hair more volume since this is the perfect time to do that. It should help to keep your curls bouncier and healthier. We thought that it would be useful to select five hair dryers that are worth to check out.

5. BaByliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme - hair dryers for curly hair

The classic black hair dryer from BaByliss is a good choice when you want a device from an experienced brand in this field. BaByliss produces not only hair dryers, but also curlers and flat irons. Ceramix Xtreme uses Ceramic and Ionic technologies that smoothen hair and reduce fizziness. There are three temperature settings (cool, warm and hot) and two speed settings (low and high). The diffuser will definitely keep your curls in a good condition every day, so there is no need to overpay, if you don’t use a hair dryer every day. The negative influence of hot air will be reduced, so your hair will stay healthy. Many customers recommend this hair dryer, so you can read some comments on the internet, if you are not sure if you want to spend money on this device.

4. Conair INFINITI PRO Rainbow Chrome - hair dryers for curly hair

If you are looking for a decent hair dryer for curly hair, which will not only dry it quickly and remove fizz, but also look interesting, this rainbow chrome product from Conair may wake your interest. In the box you will find a quite big diffuser for curly or wavy hair and a concentrator (for smoothening hair). What’s interesting about this product, is the possibility to turn the ionizer on and off. If you want to get rid of fizzy hair, you should turn the ionizer on, but it’s quite possible that you are not the only user of the hair dryer at home. There are three heat settings and two speed settings besides the ionizer. Your curls will be volumized and shiny every day, so don’t hesitate and take care of your hair today!

3. Conair INFINITI PRO with Ceramic Technology - hair dryers for curly hair

Matt coating with gold rose element make Conair Infiniti Pro really nice and pretty. There are two attachments in the box, and one of them is of course a diffuser. Ionic technology is used in all high quality hair dryers, which is a good thing, especially for curly, wavy and kinky or coily locks, because nobody likes fizzy hair. Infinity Pro dries your hair gently and quite fast at that (it mostly depends on the thickness of your hair). There are three heat and two speed settings, so you can choose the best one for you. A fair price for such a quality makes this hair dryer really special and remarkable.

2. Revlon Hair Dryer - hair dryers for curly hair

Revlon is a widely-known brand in the beauty industry. This hair dryer is perfect for curly hair because of the diffuser and hair clips which help to section long hair to blow it dry quicker. Infrared Heat Technology keeps your hair properly moisturized for maximum shine and softness. There are two heat settings (warm and hot) and two speed settings (low and high). The diffuser will keep your hair curly, but also volumized. The triple ceramic coating reduces extreme heat damage and the Tourmaline Technology smoothens the hair, and reduces frizz and static – your hair will stay healthy and shiny. Remember to use a proper conditioner for curly hair and a spray which protects your hair from hot air before drying.

1. Dyson Supersonic - hair dryers for curly hair

Because this is ranking of the best hair dryers for curly hair, it would be unfair not to mention Dyson Supersonic. This is a hair dryer which has completely changed the hairdressing industry. What is special about Supersonic? The Air Multiplier Technology produces a high-velocity jet of air thanks to the aerodynamic design of the hair dryer. Dyson always works with experts in a certain field, that is why Supersonic measures the temperature of the airflow more than 40 times per second to prevent heat damage. Your curly hair will be blown dry quickly thanks to the diffuser. All of the included attachments use strong magnets which hold them safely in place, so you don’t need to worry that they will fall down in the middle of drying your amazing curls. You can customize both the temperature and speed of the airflow to adjust it to your hair. The price may shock you, but Dyson Supersonic is worth every penny you spend on it. A lot of professionals confirm the highest quality, light weight and reliability of this hair dryer.